Your next appointment is just a phone call away.

Diagnostic and Medical Clinic is now offering telemedicine appointments as an added convenience for our patients. Telemedicine allows patients to interact with their provider through convenient, video conferencing on their smartphone. If a video connection cannot be made, your provider will reach out to you via telephone.

Benefits include:

  • Receive treatment no matter your location
  • No travel time
  • Review diagnostic tests without an office visit.
  • Assist in maintaining your health and safety as well as others.

To schedule your telemedicine appointment, please call
DMC | Springhill (1700 & 1720) - 251-435-1200
DMC | Hillcrest - 251-633-4949
DMC | Northside - 251-675-4733
DMC | Eastern Shore - 251-625-8223
Additional satellite locations - 251-435-1200